Mitt Romney Bashes Trump for Bringing US Troops Home From Germany

Mitt Romney Bashes Trump for Bringing US Troops Home From Germany

( – Once again, Senator Mitt Romney is launching baseless attacks against President Donald Trump.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Romney just launched an abrupt attack against President Donald Trump for bringing American troops home from Germany. Trump ordered the troops to return home because Germany REFUSES to pay America for the military support.

Romney exploded over Trump’s decision, and even referred to it as “a slap in the face” to Germany, claiming that it somehow weakens our alliances.

Romney’s Attack

On July 29, the Trump administration announced the impending removal of troops from Germany. Romney later released a statement calling the decision a “grave error.”  The senator repeated his attack during a comment in the Senate.

Why exactly the senator continues to attack Trump has never been definitively determined. Some speculate it’s because he wanted the secretary of state position but the president refused to give it to him. Or maybe he is mad that Trump is sitting in the seat he wanted so badly. After all, had Romney won the 2012 election he might still be the commander-in-chief right now.

Whatever the reason, it’s tiresome. President Trump is putting America first and sometimes that means an ally isn’t going to get everything they want if they don’t step up as well.

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