Mitch McConnell’s Future Looks Dire as Republicans Stand Up to Him

Mitch McConnell's Future Looks Dire As Republicans Stand Up To Him

( – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has managed to step on many Conservatives’ last nerve the last few months. His ongoing spat with former President Donald Trump hasn’t helped him with fellow Republicans, as evidenced by recent moves by many to stand up to him.

Sen. Michael K. Braun (R-IN) spoke out about McConnell’s future in the GOP during an interview with Just the News TV on Wednesday, February 9. Braun avoided giving a direct answer when questioned about McConnell’s future as the Senate’s top Republican. However, he appeared to support a move to someone else when he offered his perspective on the bigger picture.

According to Braun, Donald Trump exemplified a necessary shift in philosophy within the GOP from being the party of “no” to a legislative body that embraces “small, effective government.”

Continuing, he appeared to tighten his aim at McConnell, adding that hardly anyone who has served in the Senate for “a long time” has that kind of proactive approach to governance, a possible reference to McConnell’s vow to act as the Grim Reaper when it came to stalling legislative measures.

Braun isn’t the only Republican speaking out against McConnell. For example, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) recently slammed the Minority Leader for listening to the Washington, DC, establishment instead of the Republican base.

Do you think it’s time for McConnell to step aside and make room for another leader more aligned with the Make America Great Again agenda?

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