“Mini AOC” Forced Offline by Leftist Death Threats

An eight-year-old girl who became an online sensation with her hilarious spoofs of a leftist congresswoman has been forced to disappear from the internet — after the “woke,” caring Left furiously turned on her family. The girl’s stepfather sent a tweet to say she won’t be making any more videos because the family is worried about their safety. It’s just the latest example of how the modern Left is quick to use violence to shut down anyone they don’t like — even a child.


To anyone that cares about the future of America, radical congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is definitely not funny. There’s humor in anything if you dig deep enough though, and a couple of months ago a tiny internet comedienne started making us laugh with her hilarious impersonations of the New York Democrat.

  • Eight-year-old Ava Martinez, a third-grader from California, started parodying AOC after her father and uncle spotted her resemblance to the loudmouth representative.
  • Ava’s videos quickly became popular on YouTube, and she also posted parodies of the controversial congresswoman on Twitter. For example, after AOC’s “fact-finding” visit to a detention center, Ava dressed in similar white clothes and posted pics of herself at a fence, with the message “Every time I plan a visit to the park it’s closed!”
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  • The young star even got an invite to appear on Fox Business in May. She entertained host Stuart Varney by impersonating AOC, then Varney himself.
  • Unfortunately for Ava, AOC has become one of the great new hopes of the far Left. Socialists tend to have an almost religious devotion to their ideology, and if they don’t exactly see AOC as a goddess, she’s at least the equivalent of a secular saint.
  • The Left doesn’t like having their icons mocked, and they aren’t slow to hit back — even when it’s just a child having some fun. The pint-sized parodist was soon targeted by abusive tweets, death threats and even harassing phone calls.
  • In the face of this aggression, Mini AOC’s family have closed down all the social media accounts she used for her comedy content. Her Twitter handle has already been grabbed by someone else, who says they took it to prevent a leftist takeover of the distinctive name.
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  • During her Fox appearance, Ava was asked if she likes AOC. She answered yes, but “not that much.” Wise beyond her years.

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