Military To Spend $62 MILLION To Tear These Down!

Military To Spend $62 Million Destroying Statues and History

Military To Spend $62 Million Destroying Statues and History

( – Congress mandated the creation of The Naming Commission (TNC) in section 370 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (H.R.6395). TNC submitted the final installation of its plan for removing all monuments, names, symbols, and displays honoring or commemorating the Confederate States of America to lawmakers on September 19, 2022. The Secretary of Defense has until January 1, 2024, to complete that tasks at an estimated cost of $62,450,030.

Appendix C of the report details each Confederacy-affiliated asset requiring renaming, removal, or other modifications in a 17-page list. TNC exempted grave markers from the list as required under H.R.6395. It also decided to remove museums from consideration since their purpose is to “collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historically significant artifacts.”

TNC received more than 34,000 nominations for military installations requiring name changes and eventually listed nine bases in its final report. It also recorded several awards, gifts, and scholarships for renaming. Additionally, “heraldic items” like insignia, combat service identification badges, flags, crests, coats of arms, and shoulder loop insignia are slated for alteration or removal.

Likewise, roughly 1,100 statues, monuments, sites, and properties will require renaming, modification, or removal. For instance, TNC recommended removing a Confederate monument from Arlington National Cemetery, despite the statue showing a woman shielding blacks. The monument’s designer is a renowned Jewish American artist named Moses Ezekiel.

Since the completion date for making changes occurs during President Joe Biden’s presidency, it appears unlikely anything can be done, particularly considering the bipartisan support for the creation of the commission.

What do you think of the Defense Department using your tax dollars to erase history?

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