Military Ordered to Stand Down to Root Out “Extremism”

Military Ordered to Stand Down to Root Out

( – In one of his first acts as defense secretary, Lloyd Austin has stood down the entire US military over the next two months to “address extremism.” The question is, does the Biden administration really have worries that would justify such a radical move, or is it simply trying to reshape the military in its own image?

The Pentagon announced the stand down on February 3, following a meeting between Austin and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. DoD spokesman John Kirby claimed the meeting covered the January 6 Capitol riot and allegations that veterans and active-duty military had taken part, but the actual details of the “anti-extremism” purge aren’t reassuring.

When Austin was appointed, he pledged to enforce the full range of identity politics obsessions on the military. The stand-down timing has raised fears it might be used to remove leaders who don’t subscribe to far-left dogma. On Wednesday, Austin apparently called extremism a “leadership issue,” and Kirby hinted that “maybe there will be some possible solutions there.” Commanders at all levels may worry the “possible solution” Biden seeks is a purge of conservative officers and NCOs.

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