Military Ballots Found in Trash

Military Ballots Found in Trash -- All Trump Votes

( – Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden has been saying for years that America has a “sacred obligation” to our troops. His campaign boasts of his plan to extend that commitment to “our veterans.” At the same time, he’s been pushing for mail-in voting with no concrete plan for protecting ballots. Meanwhile, the Trump administration has been warning the country about mail-in voter fraud.

On Sept. 24, the US Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania announced the discovery of nine discarded military ballots in Luzerne County. Unnamed individuals cast seven of the ballots for Donald Trump, and two remain sealed in their original envelopes. This begs the question, how many military ballots might have been lost or destroyed besides these nine? How many didn’t they find?

The president weighed in on the incident, reminding Americans of the inherent perils of mail-in ballots.

Thursday afternoon, US Attorney David Freed dispatched a letter to the Luzerne County Bureau of Elections, officially advising them of the launch of an investigation into the discarded ballots. FBI officials, working alongside the Pennsylvania State Police, have recovered numerous other pieces of physical evidence and have begun interviewing witnesses. The investigation is ongoing.

Instances of voter fraud are not limited to Pennsylvania. For example, on Sept. 25, Texas’ attorney general announced the arrest of four individuals on multiple felony charges, including mail-in ballot fraud.

Department of Justice officials are pushing back against unrestricted mail-in ballots in the courts and with state officials at the direction of Attorney General William Barr.

Voting is a sacred right that must not be abused. Do your part America, get out and vote on November 3rd!

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