Mike Pence Slams Communist China’s Arrest of Media Tycoon as Being “An Affront to Freedom…”

Mike Pence Slams Communist China’s Arrest of Media Tycoon as Being “An Affront to Freedom...”

(RightWing.org) -Once again, the communist government of China is trying to silence anyone who speaks for freedom and democracy. They have reportedly had media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested in a targeted takedown by special force units.

In response to the arrest, Vice President Mike Pence released a stern warning to China, calling the act “an affront to freedom” and criticized the government of China for failing in its promises to promote freedom and liberty, saying, “The United States will continue to stand with Jimmy Lai and all the freedom loving people of Hong Kong.”

Mr. Lai is the publisher of the Apple Daily and frequent critic of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Beijing. His corporate offices, home, and private yacht were thoroughly searched, and the private property of he and his wife was seized after his arrest for colluding with foreign interests detrimental to the central government.

Nine other people were arrested at the same time in the police sweep which he called a “symbolic exercise” by the CCP in an effort to flex their muscles proving that they are serious about the national security laws they put in place. State-supported news sites on the mainland toe the party line and paint those fighting for freedoms and those who might supply financial backing to them as both “radical” and “insurrectionist.”

Pence Slams Chinese Tyranny

VP Pence pulled no punches in his opinion, nor did he couch it in overly polite diplomatic jargon. The terms he used by calling it “an affront” and “deeply offensive” are ones that almost every American would understand, as is his implication that the Chinese government may be in violation of the agreement made when the British ceded the island nation back to CCP control in 1997.

These thoughts were echoed by Baron Christopher Patten of Barnes, who was the last governor of the United Kingdom for Hong Kong. Lord Patten called it “the most outrageous assault” toward the Free Press today and also said, “… another large step toward turning Hong Kong into a replica of Beijing’s police state.”

China has been an instigator of world instability with military moves against India, the sinking of a Vietnamese flagged vessel, and claiming sovereignty over the entirety of the South China Sea which includes the construction of several military bases on artificial islands. Whether or not they are the source of the coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to its knees, it would appear they are taking full advantage of it.

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