Microchip Inventor Says Chips Are Coming for Humans

Microchip Inventor Says Chips Are Coming for Humans

(RightWing.org) – Rumors have floated around for years about the government’s use of microchip technology to track human activity. But, as fantastical as that claim may sound to many, that reality may be just around the corner.

The internet exploded at the end of 2021 with the news that a Swedish technology company named Dsruptive Subdermals created an implantable microchip capable of replacing standard COVID-19 vaccine passports.

Dsruptive Subdermals managing director Hannes Sjoblad spoke about the emerging technology in a video presented by Agence France-Presse.

Sjoblad told the French-owned media outlet he had one of the new microchips implanted in his arm programmed to carry the data associated with his COVID passport. That way, the director has verification he received the vaccine with him at all times.

According to Sjoblad, the microchip doesn’t have any power source, and authorities cannot use it to track an individual’s movements. The chips cannot transmit a signal without any power and only activate when someone places a smartphone with the appropriate app on the skin next to them.

Sjoblad said the chips would cost about $112 and users do not need to remove them to upload information as they receive additional vaccinations or boosters.

The use of these chips is highly controversial as Conservatives fight back against government intrusion in their lives.

Do you think the American government should allow the use of this technology on its citizens? What implications could it have?

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