Michigan Judge Rules Dominion Voting Machines to Undergo Forensic Investigation

Michigan Judge Rules Dominion Voting Machines to Undergo Forensic Investigation

(RightWing.org) – On Election Day 2020, conservative media outlets reported that a Michigan county voting machine tabulated thousands of votes wrongly for Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. Since then, suspicions were raised that voting machines manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems were used to switch votes fraudulently from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, potentially making Biden the winner.

Now, a Michigan judge appears to be concerned enough to allow for a forensic investigation of 22 Dominion voting machines.

On November 23, county resident William Bailey asked for the investigation because the Antrim County election “lacked all accuracy and integrity.” He told the judge that he witnessed a reporting error that put Biden ahead of Trump and alerted an election official. Election officials claim they resolved the problem and Trump won the county by more than 5,000 votes.

However, that wasn’t the only issue Bailey had with the machines. In Michigan, 47 counties used the Dominion Voting Systems machines that are now in question. The machines were also used in battleground states across the country.

Judge Orders Investigation

On Friday, December 4, Michigan Circuit Judge Kevin Eisenheimer ordered county election officials to “maintain, preserve and protect all records in its possession used to tabulate votes in Antrim County, to not turn on the Dominion tabulator in its possession and to not connect the Dominion tabulator in its possession to the internet.”

The judge’s order allows Bailey to take forensic images of the county machines and investigate the thumb drives, software, and tabulator.

In the case, the judge was not specifically ruling on the Trump/Biden error. Instead, the issue the judge focused on was a proposed marijuana retailer ordinance that was overturned by one vote. Bailey alleges that he also witnessed three ballots that were damaged, one of which was his. The damaged ballots were digitally reproduced to allow for re-tabulation. Those votes, he claims, were not in the final tally.

He argued his vote was not counted.

Trump Team Responds

On Friday, December 4, Trump’s legal team responded that the forensic investigation results should be known early in the week. Trump’s lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, tweeted:

It’s unknown what role, if any, the Trump legal team had in the case. The county clerk alleged the inaccuracy was a result of human error. Election officials claim the error would have been caught during the canvassing process.

However, the forensic study may prove one way or another whether the Dominion Voting Systems machines were compromised and changed votes.

Stay tuned. This is an evolving story.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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