Michelle Obama Directs Americans to Vote Early, By Mail, Ahead of Presidential Debates (REPORT)

Michelle Obama Issues Directs Americans to Vote Early, By Mail Ahead of Presidential Debates (REPORT)

(RightWing.org) – Once again, former First Lady Michelle Obama is doing everything in her power to give Democrats the advantage ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

According to The Hill, Mrs. Obama is now making public service announcements calling for all Americans to vote early … by mail. She’s making the announcements WEEKS before Joe Biden and President Donald Trump are expected to debate ahead of the 2020 election, thereby giving Biden a boost ahead of election time.

Mrs. Obama Wants You to Vote Early … By Mail

Michelle Obama has stepped into the presidential race in an effort to get her husband’s old VP elected. She’s urging Americans to vote early, by mail if possible – and it’s not hard to work out why.

The earlier people vote, the less likely they are to see the candidates debate. President Trump is keen to get out there and debate his opponent, but the Biden campaign is refusing to schedule any more – and some of Creepy Joe’s supporters don’t want there to be any debates at all.

If the American people get to see Biden in all his bumbling, racist glory, many traditional Democrat voters are likely to be appalled – and that isn’t going to do the Trump campaign any harm. These days it seems like Biden can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot in it.

Gain the Young Voters

It’s not hard to see why Mrs. Obama wants more people to vote by mail, either. Younger Americans, with less life experience, are the most likely to vote Democrat. That’s if they vote at all, and they’re the least likely demographic to do so.

In 2018, Obama launched When We All Vote, a voter registration organization – and, of course, it focuses on Dem-voting groups. Her intervention in this campaign is the next stage in that project.

It’s Unreliable

Of course, mail-in voting is actually a terrible idea. It’s essential for some, but allowing it on a massive scale overwhelms our electoral system. In this year’s New York City Democrat primary, a full 21% of mail-in votes were never counted.

There’s no reason to expand mail-in voting for the upcoming election, and even the Democrats seem to know it. They might demand postal ballots for “safety” and “public health,” but they never complain when thousands gather to riot against the police or the president. They know it’s safe to go to the polling station in November; they’re just scared that their supporters, faced with the appalling reality of a Biden/Harris administration, won’t.

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