MI6 Urges Russians to Join Efforts to End War in Ukraine — As Spies

(RightWing.org) – The United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as MI6, operates as the nation’s foreign intelligence with duties akin to that of the CIA. Formed in 1909, the agency’s three core aims in modern times include preventing terrorist acts, disrupting hostile actions by adversarial nations, and creating and maintaining a cyber advantage over foes. The organization apparently has a typical British sense of humor, as evidenced by its promotion of the slogan “We’re #SecretlyJustLikeYou.”

Recent reports now indicate that MI6 has been urging Russian citizens to join the service’s ongoing effort to support the end of the Russia-Ukraine War as spies.

British Intelligence Service Actively Recruiting Russian Spies

Sir Richard Moore KCMG currently serves as MI6’s 17th Chief, having concluded a two-year term as the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office’s Director General in late 2020. He recently gave a speech, reportedly only his second as MI6 head, at the British Embassy in Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city.

Moore drew comparisons between the current conflict in Ukraine to the Prague Spring, a movement in the former Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (CSR) in January of 1968. Reformist Alexander Dubček attempted to expand the rights of citizens as part of a partial democratization of the country after his election to the position of First Secretary of the republic’s Communist Party.

The former Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact countries invaded the CSR and suppressed the reforms seven months later. The move caused a massive wave of defections to the West.

Drawing on the memory of those individuals, Moore called on Russians “silently appalled” by the “sheer callous incompetence of their leaders” to spy for MI6 and help draw the current military conflict to a close.

MI6 Chief Tries to Close the Deal

Continuing his speech, Moore said MI6’s door was “always open” to Russians interested in sharing sensitive information they have regarding President Vladimir Putin’s regime. Alluding to previous defectors, he noted that they would join others who had decided to work with British intelligence in the last year and a half.

Moore explained that those individuals knew “in their hearts” that the Kremlin’s rationale for “attacking a fellow Slavic nation [was] fraudulent” and consumed by the stench of “lies and fantasy.”

Attempting to close the deal, Moore confirmed that their secrets would “always be safe with us,” adding that “together” they would strive to “bring the bloodshed to an end.” He also pledged that MI6 lives by the guiding principle that its loyalty to individuals who work for the service “is lifelong, and [its] gratitude eternal.”

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