Melania Steals the Show at Fourth of July Parade

Most of the nation’s leading political figures — and plenty other assorted celebrities — were on display at this year’s Fourth of July spectacular. The Salute to America parade was a true spectacle that could redefine how we celebrate our independence, although there’s been a lot of discussion about which elements are too spectacular or expensive to become a regular event. There wasn’t much debate about who made the biggest fashion splash of the event, though. Yet again, First Lady Melania Trump was definitely the star of the show.


First Lady, and former fashion model Melania Trump, certainly knows how to dress, and she has a dazzling array of outfits and designers to choose from. White dresses are quickly becoming one of her signature items, though, as we all saw at the state banquet she attended in London recently. Of course, even white dresses come in many styles — and Melania has a keen eye for the most striking ones.

  • Melania’s Fourth of July dress was made by veteran designer Carolina Herrera. Born in Venezuela but now based in New York, Herrera has dressed several first ladies, including Jacqueline Kennedy, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama. As much as the politics of these ladies might vary, they all seemed to have the same ability to spot a fantastic dress!
  • The dress Herrera sold to Melania was a particularly good choice. Its basic shape was a simple one with an interesting asymmetrical twist — an off-one-shoulder design, with the opposite shoulder accented by a floppy knot.
  • Adding some interest to the lightweight white fabric, the dress was decorated with narrow horizontal stripes in the colors of the rainbow. Never mind the conventional wisdom that horizontal stripes aren’t slimming — Melania has the figure to carry the look off effortlessly.
  • The unbelted dress’s loose skirt finished at mid-calf, allowing Melania to add a final splash of color — a pair of fuchsia heels, making for an elegant but interestingly quirky overall look.
  • Most female celebrities now work directly with designers to have bespoke dresses made to order. Melania is a rare exception — she buys her clothes off the rack or online. That’s a smart move that lets her assemble outfits more quickly, and also gives her a wider choice of designers.

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