Melania Settles Jacket Controversy

Melania Settles Jacket Controversy
Melania Settles Jacket Controversy

Back in July of 2018, First Lady Melania Trump took time out of her busy schedule to visit immigrant children at the border. The event occured smack-dab in the middle of one of the biggest controversies over border policy we’ve seen yet. Perhaps that’s why so many of the Left accused her of hating children over the jacket she wore.
You see, Melania didn’t just step out in style; she wore an army-green jacket with the words, “I don’t care. Do u?” emblazoned on the back. Naturally, Democrats and social justice warriors took this as proof that she was talking about the children she was visiting…but we have proof of just how untrue that statement really is.
Here’s the real game-changer:
It comes from Melania herself.
In an early October 2018 interview with ABC News, Melania spoke about the jacket and its real meaning. Although she had refused to comment on it previously, saying only that the press was wrong about their assumptions, this time she seemed much more confident.


• As most reasonable Republicans knew from the start, the words on her jacket had nothing to do with children — or even her thoughts on any other inflammatory topic. Instead, she was sending a pointed and clear message to the press, who have done nothing but attempt to tear her down.
• “I want to show [the left-wing media] that I don’t care,” she said, talking about the criticisms she had received. “You could criticize whatever you want to say, but it will not stop me to do what I feel is right.”
• There’s plenty of evidence to support that statement. During her service as the First Lady, Melania has repeatedly refused to bow to pressure from the left, the right, or even her own husband, Donald Trump. She walks her own path.
• In fact, her dedication to making her own decisions was even demonstrated in the same interview. When asked about the separation of children from illegals, something the President calls “necessary,” she momentarily paused; then, she responded. “It is unacceptable for me to see children and parents separated.”
• Why is this important? Although it may seem like “just a jacket,” the situation is really so much more important. It is a demonstration of the mob mentality in Left media outlets; find something compelling and run with it. Sure, it gets views — but they don’t particularly care who is harmed in the process. Even if it happens to be children.
• Melania has not once in the entirety of her time as First Lady ever demonstrated maliciousness, malevolence or a desire to lash out at others. Her personality is to be quiet, respectful, and patient. Don’t mistake this situation for anything but yet another concentrated attempt from the Left to muddy up Trump’s reputation.