Media Turns on Biden as Walls Continue to Crumble Around Him

Media Turns on Biden as Walls Continue to Crumble Around Him

( – Most presidents enjoy an extended period of good relations throughout their first year in office. But, be that as it may, it appears news outlets have turned on President Joe Biden as the failing walls of his administration continue collapsing around him.

Administration officials attempted to rebrand Biden’s presidency as his first year drew to a close. Those efforts appeared to have fallen short of pathetic amid rising inflation, mounting security issues at the nation’s southern border, a failed approach to the pandemic… the list could continue indefinitely.

On January 23, NBC host Chuck Todd finally had enough and admitted on live television what people have been talking about in their homes for months. Many people no longer view Biden as a competent leader, and they certainly don’t consider him an effective commander in chief (see the botched Afghanistan withdrawal as proof).

The day before Todd’s declaration, the notoriously Liberal New York Times editorial board accused Biden of being his own worst enemy through his inability to face up to his administration’s failures. The president “has contributed to his own political woes,” they wrote, by not taking the nation’s crumbling economy seriously.

It’s hard to say where this is all going. Other presidents have experienced less than friendly relationships with the media early in their terms but managed to have great ones by the time they left office. Then again, none of them called a Fox News correspondent a “stupid son of a b****” on camera.

What do you think? Has the liberal media finally seen the light?

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