Media Mysteriously Ignores Elon Musk “Twitter Files”

Media Mysteriously Ignores Elon Musk

( – This month, Twitter owner Elon Musk has been opening up the platform’s archives to reveal the scale of censorship and misinformation carried out by the previous management. Some of what he’s released is truly explosive — but the mainstream media is paying little attention. In fact, between them, the five main networks have spent less than a quarter of an hour on the story in total.

Since December 2, Musk has released five batches of internal Twitter documents that show how Democrats conspired with the platform’s management to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story, how the social media site used its safety tools to suppress conservative voices, and how the platform was biased against former president Donald Trump. These are all major issues, but the media has mostly pretended it isn’t happening.

According to Fox News, the five big liberal networks — ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and NBC — have only used the term “Twitter files” six times between them; that’s just 1.2 times per network. The total coverage of the story across all five networks was only 14 minutes. Eleven minutes of that came from MSNBC and three from CNN; the others haven’t mentioned the story at all.

Musk has revealed how Twitter conspired to hide the Hunter Biden story in an attempt to influence the 2020 election by suppressing negative information. By ignoring this story, the liberal media are doing exactly what Twitter did.

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