Media Issues Major Retractions Over False Stories

Media Issues Major Retractions Over False Stories

( – The mainstream media isn’t famous for reporting stories accurately, but there are hopeful signs it’s starting to be held to account. Over the last week, multiple outlets have been forced to retract false claims. From Beau Biden to the trans agenda, media organizations are starting to admit they haven’t been telling the truth.

On March 4, NPR added a correction to a story that had claimed Beau Biden, the president’s older son, had died of injuries he sustained in Iraq. President Biden himself has made this claim, but it’s not true — Beau Biden died of brain cancer. This isn’t the first NPR correction this year, either; in February, it ran a story about House Speaker Kevin McCarthy visiting the Mexican border and shaded it to look like a Republican publicity stunt. On February 17, the network updated the story and admitted Democrats took part in the visit.

Rolling Stone has also been forced to walk back stories recently after falsely claiming former FBI analyst George Hill’s security clearance had been revoked. The New York Times admitted it was wrong to say FBI whistleblower Stephen Friend worked for a conservative think tank. The Washington Post has made a flurry of corrections on stories about Republicans. And now several outlets are under pressure to revise what they said about a speech at last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

On March 4, journalist Michael Knowles said the transgender ideology — responsible for drag queen story hours, unisex school restrooms and men competing in women’s sports — should be “eradicated from public life.” The liberal media decided to report Knowles was calling for the elimination of transgender people, which of course, isn’t what he said at all.

The Daily Wire, where Knowles works, is now demanding the Daily Beast, Huffington Post and Rolling Stone retract and apologize for their misleading stories. The media has gotten away with distorting the truth for a long time, but it’s finally being challenged.

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