Media Ignores New Biden Scandal

Media Ignores New Biden Scandal

( – Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been accused of sexual assault again, this time by a former Senate staffer – but you’d never guess it from the media coverage he’s getting. Biden spoke to NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday, where there was a mysterious lack of questions about Tara Reade’s allegations of a 1993 assault by the then-senator.

Reade first alleged harassment by Biden last year, but now she’s revealed further details of what, if true, was a serious sexual assault. However, the media has been strangely reluctant to pick up on the story.

Anderson Cooper also failed to mention the allegations last Friday in a virtual Town Hall he was hosting.

With Bernie Sanders fading and no other candidates left in the race, Biden now looks like the Democrat candidate for November’s election. However, his campaign has been marred by gaffes and increasingly erratic behavior, raising serious questions about his ability to do the job if he wins. This new scandal certainly doesn’t help his cause.

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