MD Sanctuary County Slammed by Immigration Experts

The chief executive of a Maryland county at the center of a growing immigrant rape scandal has defended his position — and provoked a devastating volley of criticism from immigration experts. The beleaguered county leader says his staff is following the law when they release illegal migrants to keep them out of the hands of ICE, but according to specialists in immigration law that’s not true. The worry for residents is that their leadership is putting political views on border control ahead of the safety of the people they’re supposed to serve — and how many more crimes will be committed before that changes?


Just a month into its controversial new “sanctuary” policy, Montgomery County, MD, has already arrested no less than five illegal immigrants for rape. At least four of the attackers are El Salvadoran nationals and some already have a history of deportation or other contact with federal authorities. All of them could — and should — have been removed before they could victimize American citizens.

  • On July 22nd, Montgomery County’s executive, Marc Elrich, signed a new law that protects illegal immigrants from enforcement action by federal agents. Under the law, county cops aren’t allowed to ask anyone their immigration status and prison officials can’t detain anyone if ICE requests it. They won’t even inform ICE they’re holding an illegal unless they’ve committed a very serious crime. Hello?? Rape??
  • Early this month, the county hit the headlines after it turned out that two El Salvadoran men who had repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl were in the country illegally — and one of them had previously been deported.
  • Since then another three illegals have been arrested in the county for rape. At least one of them has been released on bail, despite ICE asking county authorities to hold him until he could be taken into federal custody.
  • Elrich, a Democrat, said on Tuesday that it’s impossible for the county to cooperate with ICE detainer requests because the release of prisoners is decided solely by the courts. However, immigration law experts say Elrich is twisting the truth to the breaking point in defense of his “sanctuary” law.
  • Elrich claims his officials can’t honor ICE requests because they’re not issued by a judge. Dade L. Wilcox of the Immigration and Reform Law Institute says this is an “absurd, insulting explanation” and that there’s no legal obstacle to county authorities cooperating with ICE.
  • ICE pointed out that the Immigration and Nationality Act gives them the authority to issue detention warrants, and that a judge’s signature has never been needed on a civil warrant. The agency also criticized Montgomery County for failing to notify them when they turn illegal alien criminals loose on the public.
  • Despite the protests of Marc Elrich, there’s only one reason Montgomery County shelters so many foreign rapists with no right to be in the US — because its executive wants to.

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