MD “Sanctuary” County Releases ANOTHER Rapist Illegal

A Maryland county that blocks federal officials from detaining illegal immigrants charged two fugitives with raping a minor last week — but they’re refusing to learn any lessons from that. Days after the El Salvadorans were indicted for repeatedly violating an 11-year-old girl, ICE asked county authorities to detain another one of their countrymen who’d been arrested for another rape. Instead, they let him out on bail.


One of the most compelling arguments against illegal immigration is that, by entering the country illegally, these people have already shown they have no respect for our laws. In short, they’re criminally inclined. Is it any surprise that once they’re here they break other laws, too? It seems like it is in Montgomery County, MD, where despite a series of rapes by illegals, they’re still sticking to their so-called “sanctuary” policy — and putting citizens and all residents in danger.

  • A month ago, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich — a Democrat — signed an executive order turning the county into a “sanctuary” for people who’ve entered the US illegally. The order bans county cops from asking anyone their immigration status and forbids them from cooperating with federal immigration officers except in a few extreme cases. According to Elrich the aim of the order is “promoting trust.”
  • In the short weeks since the order was signed, three of the illegals everyone’s supposed to trust have been arrested and charged with rape.
  • El Salvadoran citizens Mauricio Barrera-Navidad and Carlos Palacios-Amaya were recently charged with multiple counts of rape against a minor. One of them had already been deported from the US; he was able to return and live here illegally, preying on children.
  • On August 10th, another El Salvadoran, 25-year-old Rodrigo Castro-Montejo, was arrested by Montgomery County cops and charged with rape and assault. It turns out he was in the US illegally, so ICE submitted a detainer request on August 12. The request asked county authorities to hold Castro-Montejo until he could be taken into federal custody.
  • Instead, the next day county officials told ICE they were preparing Castro-Montejo for release on bail. They’ve also said they’ll tell ICE when Barrera-Navidad and Palacios-Amaya are released — but they won’t hold on to them as ICE has requested.
  • The idea of giving bail to someone who’s shown so clearly they hold our laws in contempt is absurd. “Sanctuary” laws like Montgomery County’s exist only to make a political point about immigration. The people who support them don’t care about the welfare of American citizens — or the law.

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