McDonald’s Faces Yet Another Hot Coffee Lawsuit

( – McDonald’s famously paid out several hundred thousand dollars to resolve a highly publicized product liability lawsuit in 1995. A 79-year-old woman sued the company after she suffered third-degree burns after spilling coffee on her lap. She spent eight days in the hospital, where she received skin grafts and endured two years of medical treatment overall. A new report now indicates that lightning has struck twice, and the popular fast food restaurant faces yet another lawsuit for a similar incident.

On Wednesday, September 20, NBC News reported that a woman in her 80s filed a lawsuit against McDonald’s after workers allegedly refused to offer her assistance after she reportedly sustained “severe” burns from a scalding-hot cup of coffee.

Court documents show that the woman, Marble Childress, filed a civil complaint against the fast food chain the previous Thursday in San Francisco County Superior Court. The lawsuit seeks remedy for the restaurant workers’ breach of their “duty of care” after they failed to properly secure a lid to the cup of coffee she received in the drive-thru.

Childress is seeking damages for her severe burns, the resulting scars, and emotional distress. She is also seeking compensation for her hospital and medical expenses, attorney fees, and any other remedy the court deems just and fair.

NBC’s Today Show reached out to Peter Ou, the franchise’s owner/operator, about the incident via email. He quickly responded, advising that his company takes customer complaints seriously. Ou said his management team spoke to Childress within minutes of receiving her complaint and offered assistance.

Ou also wrote that all his franchises have “strict food [handling] protocol in place.” He also stressed that employee training included the need to “ensure lids of hot beverages are secure.” Ou concluded his statement by writing that his team was currently reviewing Childress’ legal claim in detail.”

It remains unclear whether the court has scheduled any filing deadlines in the case.

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