McConnell: Republicans have 50/50 Chance of Keeping Senate

McConnell: Republicans have 50/50 Chance of Keeping Senate

( – Politics is a brutal sport, and sometimes it isn’t easy to gauge who has a competitive advantage. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Wednesday recognized the challenge that Republicans have in keeping the senate after November’s elections. At this point, he believes it could go either way.

The GOP is fighting in seven states to keep their majority. Senate races in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Montana, Maine, and North Carolina are all neck and neck. However, if the GOP can keep at least most of those seats, they could also add seats in Minnesota and Alabama. Currently, Republicans hold 53 seats and Democrats 45 seats with 2 independents.

McConnell credited President Trump with helping ensure Republicans hold the Senate. In several races, candidates who were farther right in the primaries, and were supported by strong conservative Political Action Committees (PACs), would have struggled to win general election campaigns.

The majority leader said Trump was instrumental in getting the PACs to back off. It’s up to we the people how the races will actually go. We must get out there and cast our votes for president, and it’s equally important to cast our votes for Congress. If re-elected, Trump can do far with a majority Senate behind him. Every vote counts.

Remember, Election Day is November 3rd.

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