McCaul Promises Santos Will Face Ethics Committee

McCaul Promises Santos Will Face Ethics Committee

( – Americans’ support of Congress continues to rate among the worst of any profession. In a new Gallup poll, legislative members are the second-least trusted in the US, sandwiched between car salespeople and telemarketers. The issue surrounding Rep. George Santos (R-NY) and how he misrepresented his way into Congress probably won’t help matters.

On December 19, a New York Times investigation alleged that Santos falsified numerous details about his work background and life experiences to get elected. In the aftermath, questions are swirling about campaign ethics as Democrats and Republicans call for his resignation. While the newly elected Republican refuses to resign, Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said he is facing a House Ethics Committee investigation. That’s in addition to a probe by the New York attorney general’s office after admitting he lied to voters.

Congressman Promises Santos Will Face Ethics Examination

According to the Times, during the 2022 congressional campaign, Santos falsely claimed he held degrees from New York University and Baruch College, worked for prestigious firms Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, made misrepresentations about his religious faith, and took money from an animal rescue nonprofit. That’s not all; the then-candidate also claimed four of his employees were killed in the Florida Pulse gay club shooting.

On January 15, new allegations surfaced that he worked as a recruit investor in 2020 for a company accused by the government of participating in a Ponzi scheme. Additionally, he’s facing an allegation he stole thousands of dollars raised to help a disabled veteran’s service dog acquire a life-saving surgery — the dog died.

On Tuesday, January 17, McCaul said the House Ethics Committee would question Santos about his untruthfulness. He refused to demand he resign from his congressional seat. Despite House Republican leadership appointing the embattled Representative to two committees, McCaul said he would not serve on the Ethics Committee and noted it, along with the Department of Justice (DOJ), would do their jobs.

Still, McCaul said it was puzzling how Santos’s Democratic opponent didn’t call him out during the campaign and questioned how he got elected.

New York AG Promises Investigation, But It Could Be Problematic

New York Attorney General Letitia James has promised a probe into the newly-elected Republican. Nassau County’s district attorney and federal prosecutors are also looking into the matter. Still, James could be compromised. In December 2020, she received a $1,000 donation from Santos’ Democratic opponent, Robert Zimmerman.

There’s more… James was announced as a “special guest” when Zimmerman opened his campaign office on Long Island in October 2022. In addition, the two also marched together during a Memorial Day parade and posed for pictures he later uploaded to Facebook.

Some say James is a hardcore partisan, and the donation could present a conflict of interest. Critics contend that James should recuse herself from any investigation into the embattled congressman.

It’s unclear what criminal charges Santos could face. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said a criminal complaint would be challenging as there is no law regarding lying in politics. If so, he noted, “the House would be hard-pressed to assemble a quorum outside of a federal penitentiary.”

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