Mayors Appeal For Primary Election Postponement

Mayors Appeal For Primary Election Postponement

( – An argument within the Democratic Party escalated Sunday when the mayors of nine Wisconsin cities appealed for a postponement of Tuesday’s state primary. They say going ahead with the vote will put the lives of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin residents in danger – but not everyone agrees.

Wisconsin’s governor was, until recently, calling for the primary to go ahead despite the very real COVID-19 threat. Now, he wants an emergency session of the state legislature to relaunch it as an all-mail contest. Every registered voter will receive an absentee ballot. He also wants to extend the closure date for returned ballots to May 26, delaying the outcome of the primary by over 6 weeks.

Presidential wannabe Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) has also called for the primary to be delayed. However, some have suggested his reasoning is that he’s currently 20 points behind rival Joe Biden in the polls. Biden, meanwhile, is keen for the vote to go ahead while he’s winning.

The DNC is also pushing for the vote to go ahead as planned, probably because they’re determined to deny Bernie the nomination again. They’re definitely bucking the trend here, though.

Several other states including Connecticut, Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Wyoming and Puerto Rico have taken similar measures. They’ve either postponed their ballots or restructured for all-absentee ballots with extended deadlines in order to give everyone the chance to vote.

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