Mattis: Divisiveness Threatens US

General “Mad Dog” Mattis has served many White House administrations. As a result, he’s developed a unique insight into the true threats to our nation. Mattis recently elaborated on what he believes to be the greatest threat to America: divisiveness.

Though Mattis only briefly served under President Trump because the two couldn’t see eye-to-eye, this divisiveness issue runs further back than the Trump administration (in spite of what Liberals want to believe). Americans have (by and large) stopped listening to others who don’t agree with them. This inability and unwillingness to communicate means we will lose on both the battlefield and the boardroom.

Although Liberals may have some solid counterpoints for the Right, they often choose hostility over dialogue. It’s difficult to have a conversation with someone who insists on calling you a “Nazi” or a “racist” because you don’t align with their worldview. Maybe we can end divisiveness in America when the Left is willing to join us at the table for a quality conversation about difficult topics.

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