Massive Phone Company Breach Affects More Than 40 Million People

Massive Phone Company Breach Affects More Than 40 Million People

( – Sadly, data breaches are all too common these days, with hackers working overtime to facilitate identity theft or blackmail. However, T-Mobile found a way to provide outstanding customer service while sparring with cybercriminals.

On Monday, August 16, T-Mobile announced the launch of an internal investigation into claims hackers might have illegally accessed its data. The press release advised customers it took their protection “very seriously,” and digital forensic experts were in the midst of extensive analyses.

Company officials followed up the next day, announcing they could verify a breach of “a subset of T-Mobile data.” Then, it dropped a bomb: Some of the data accessed by unauthorized users contained current, former, and prospective clients’ personal information, including first and last names, date of birth, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers. Fortunately, the hackers didn’t gain access to anyone’s financial information, account numbers, or PINs.

According to T-Mobile, hackers accessed the data associated with 7.8 million postpaid customer accounts and the records of about 40 million former or prospective future users.

On the bright side, if such a thing exists in a situation like this, T-Mobile announced it would provide two free years of identity protection services via security company McAfee’s ID Theft Protection Services. It’s a great proactive step for their customers and very refreshing these days.

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