Mark Levin Vindicated After John Durham’s Investigation Findings

Mark Levin Vindicated After John Durham's Investigation Findings

( – Conservative radio host Mark Levin attracted a lot of criticism in 2017 when he claimed Democrat presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton had spied on President Trump. Now, Special Counsel John Durham’s latest findings are in – and it looks like Levin was right after all.

On February 11, Durham filed a new motion in a Washington, DC, federal court; the document relates to former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. Sussmann is facing charges of lying to the FBI by claiming he wasn’t working for Clinton when he hired Fusion GPS to run a campaign against Trump.

Now, Durham says Sussmann was also trying to mine anti-Trump data from a DARPA project. The aim was to collect data from servers in Trump Tower and the White House, and use it to create the “Russia collusion” narrative against the president.

In March 2017, Levin announced investigators had intercepted communications from Trump’s associates. Trump picked up on the story, saying the government was listening in on him, the media ridiculed him. Now it’s obvious someone actually was spying on Trump – and the paper trail is leading steadily closer to Hillary Clinton via her allies among the Washington establishment.

Next time people like Levin, Breitbart News or Trump himself say the president is under surveillance, perhaps the mainstream media won’t be so quick to laugh it off.

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