Mark Cuban Sends Up Another Campaign Balloon

Yacht Belonging to Billionaire Mark Cuban

As if the field for the 2020 presidential race wasn’t already confusing enough, tech billionaire, Mark Cuban, continues to send out signals that he might be considering a run as an independent. Cuban, a self-described Libertarian, has all sorts of reasons why he doesn’t want to be a third party candidate. One of them seems to be a dislike of politics — which makes you wonder if being president is really the ideal job for him.


Mark Cuban is a real self-made billionaire — the sort of man who understands the American Dream because he’s living it. Starting out as a 12-year-old selling garbage bags to buy new baseball shoes, he worked a string of jobs through school and college before joining the software industry as a salesman. Fired inside a year — for going beyond his job description in trying to build sales — he set up his own company with support from previous customers in 1983. Seven years later he became a millionaire when he sold that business to CompuServe. By 2019 he was worth an estimated $4.1 billion. Now he wants to use his undeniable business skills to help the nation. But will he make up his mind and go for it?

  • Cuban was asked in 2016 if he’d consider running on a Libertarian ticket. He quickly shot the idea down, saying “My wife and kids would run away if I did.”
  • The first hints that Cuban might take a shot at the White House after all came in March 2017. At a South by Southwest panel on government regulation, he told the audience he’s a libertarian at heart and avoided giving a direct answer when asked if he was considering a 2020 run.
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  • In November the same year, Cuban told a New York Times book conference that he’d consider running as a Republican but “absolutely not” as a Democrat. He then discussed the advantages of being an independent candidate. He said whether or not he ran in 2020 would depend on whether his wife and family would let him.
  • In a new interview recently, Cuban turned up the heat on mainstream politicians. He hammered the Democrats for shifting left, pointing out that they’re chasing the votes of people who already have nowhere else to go while alienating independents and wavering Republicans.
  • He also claimed that President Trump won the 2016 election because people recognized that he’s not a politician — and, increasingly, ordinary people are sick of politicians. So, in fact, Cuban’s own dislike of politics might be an asset after all.