Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests Civil War Is on America’s Doorstep During Interview

Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests Civil War Is on America's Doorstep During Interview

( – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted multiple tweets discussing the need for what she calls a “national divorce,” beginning on Monday, February 20. On Wednesday, she followed up with a brief interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss her belief that America is on the threshold of a civil war.

MTG, as her supporters call her, explained in a Twitter thread that a national divorce involves separating the country into red and blue states due to irreconcilable differences. Under this scenario, the individual states would control matters like “education, trade and commerce, and communications. Greene predicted that red states would ban “gender lies,” “drag queen story times,” and LGBTQ indoctrination at the hands of radical teachers.

Additionally, red states would return public prayer to school campuses, ban biological males from girls/women’s sports, expand the use of fossil fuels, and eliminate “environmental social governance regulations” placed on businesses, corporations, and factories by Leftist lawmakers.

Conversely, blue states could impose their “woke” values on their students and citizenry, enforce harsh environmental policies, and fund “Antifa communists [sic] training schools.”

According to Greene, this new system of governance would eliminate the need for the Department of Education and other federal entities, decreasing the size of the federal government and saving massive amounts of taxpayer funds.

Hannity indicated that he thought the idea had merit but questioned how such a separation of political ideology might work. “How do you reconcile” states with “secure borders” and others with “open” ones? he asked. How can the country operate with some states enjoying energy independence and the Green New Deal ruling the day in others?

MTG responded that all her friends and confidants are “regular Americans” who are sick and tired of being bullied, abused, and disrespected by the Left. Continuing, she said the last thing she wanted to see was a civil war. However, she warned that the country is “going in that direction.” Noting that no one she knows supports the idea, she said something needed to be done to prevent it.

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