Marco Rubio STUNS Media With Surprising Statement..

Marco Rubio STUNS Media With Surprising Statement..

( – The nation remains on edge as the vote count in the presidential election continues winding down. There’s no telling these days what anyone might say or do, particularly when it comes to social media posts.

A good case in point is a November 5 tweet by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) containing an obscure Bible quote, Proverbs 6:12, which mentions scoundrels, villains, and “crooked talk.”

Rubio frequently posts Bible quotes. But, they’re usually straightforward in nature and not cryptic like this one. He may have been responding to President Trump’s White House remarks the day before when he told reporters widespread election fraud was stealing the election from him.

That interpretation is bolstered by a later tweet by Rubio discussing the need to maintain faith in the American election system and leave claims of “irregularities or fraud” up to the courts to decide.

Whatever he meant by his first tweet, the vote count will eventually be over, the courts will decide on the legal issues, and a winner will be declared.

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