Man Who Stopped a Mass Shooter Tells His Story

Man Who Stopped a Mass Shooter Tells His Story

( – On July 3, 2022, Surprise, Arizona, police officers responded to reports of shots fired. Upon arrival, they found deceased individuals and multiple people with injuries. Detectives quickly determined that one of the victims, Jason Hunt (46), was the first to fire a weapon, but several others in the home fired multiple shots at Hunt, stopping him in his tracks.

A few days later, police spokesperson Sgt. Tommy Hale issued a statement to media outlets announcing that investigators determined the person who shot and killed Hunt, and others “who fought” against him, acted in “self-defense” and in the “defense of other innocent parties.”

Hale said that Hunt joined a Fourth of July gathering and engaged in small talk in front of the house before following the group inside the home. They offered him a plate of food, and he sat at a table and started eating. Hale recounted that a few minutes later, Hunt abruptly arose from his seat and “pulled out a handgun,” killing Carl Dinora (38) and Conrradito Ochao Navarro (41). Hunt injured four other individuals, including Raul Mendez.

Mendez suffered a gunshot wound to the head. A concealed carry permit holder, he somehow gathered the strength to pull himself upright, unholster his handgun, and shoot his attacker four times in the chest. Detectives determined that several others opened fire on Hunt but later found Mendez fired the fatal shot.

Mendez was hospitalized for several days. He lost his left eye and suffered a torn eardrum, fractured jaw, and lost his sense of smell. He spoke to Fox News about the incident in September 2022 and recently returned to provide an update on his status.

Mendez Tells His Story After Stopping Mass Shooter

On June 28, Fox News published excerpts from an interview with Mendez. He told Fox News Digital that despite his ongoing recovery, he is using his experience to help train others in self-defense. In May, he passed the NRA’s instructor certification course. He began by teaching family and friends about gun safety but related that he’s already received inquiries from others wanting to train with him.

Mendez told Fox Digital that he decided to become an instructor to help others, “especially since I’m living proof that firearms… in the hands of law-abiding citizens save lives.” Because of his unique experience, Mendez said he can share his story while teaching others and “give them a piece of advice.”

Last September, he told Fox News that he made a video for the NRA celebrating gun rights and blasting the media for failing to cover his story adequately. He’s also started speaking out about the Second Amendment, warning others that the “world is unpredictable” and banning firearms only impacts law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

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