Man Kills Family and Himself After Using Fake Vaccine Card

Man Kills Family and Himself After Using Fake Vaccine Card

( – A German family has been wiped out in a tragic murder-suicide after a man snapped under the pressure of the country’s vaccine mandates. Cops believe he killed his family, then himself, because he believed he would lose his children.

On December 4, a resident of Königs Wusterhausen, just south of Berlin, called police to say he could see dead bodies through the windows of a home. When authorities responded, they found the corpses of 40-year-old Devid R, his wife and their 3 daughters, aged 4, 8 and 10. They also found a horrifying suicide note.

According to the note, the man had purchased fake vaccination certificates online for himself and his wife. Her boss had discovered the deception and threatened to report her. Apparently, the parents feared authorities would take their children from them, so Devid shot his children, his wife and himself with a handgun.

Neighbors said the family, who moved in around three years ago, were friendly and popular. But, recently, Devid had become obsessed with COVID-19 and had developed a “gloomy tendency.”

More and more politicians around the world are getting behind vaccine mandates, but have they considered the extra mental health stress this puts on people subjected to nearly two years of assaults on their liberty?

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