Man Driving SUV Through Mall Deemed a “Terrorist”

Man Driving SUV Through Mall Deemed a

Shoppers at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois recently witnessed an unexpected and horrifying event. What was supposed to be a peaceful day of shopping turned into panic as a man drove his black SUV into the mall. Javier Garcia from Palatine, Illinois was arrested and charged for the crime under the label of “terrorism.”

According to Illinois law, a suspect can be charged with terrorism if they cause at least $100,000 in damages to a building housing five or more businesses. Federal officials have yet to label this crime as an act of terror.

Thankfully, only three individuals sustained minor injuries in the crash. Authorities still haven’t determined a motive for the crime, though cameras caught Javier repeatedly scoping out the mall 124 times. Javier’s father claims that his son was on medication for an “unspecified illness.”

Regardless of legal definition, this horrific event proves that terrorists don’t need guns to do their work. Any weapon, object, or machine is a tool for terrorists to use to destabilize the local populace. Terrorism is a people problem and not a gun problem like Liberals love to believe.

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