Majority of GOP Now Says Donald Trump Is “True” President

Majority of GOP Now Says Donald Trump Is

( – More than six months after the controversial 2020 election, the Democrats are still struggling to persuade people they really won. New polling shows that more than half of Republicans see Donald Trump as the real victor.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll taken from May 17-19 reveals just how badly the Biden administration is doing at building its legitimacy. It turns out that 53% of Republicans – and 25% of all Americans – believe Trump is still the “true” president. Remarkably, even 3% of Democrats believe it.

It’s also clear that many Americans don’t trust the electoral process anymore. Even some of those who believe Biden won think there was widespread fraud and illegal voting. That includes 56% of Republicans and 28% of all Americans.

On May 25, Trump released a statement pointing to the poll as a sign of his continuing support among grassroots Republicans. It’s certainly encouraging news should he plan to run again in 2024.

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