Major Outage Strands Wells Fargo Bank Customers

( – Many Wells Fargo customers were left stuck last week after their cards and apps stopped working. The bank says it’s now resolved “technical issues” that caused the problems. However, some customers are now talking about moving to a different bank.

Late on August 24, some Wells Fargo customers started experiencing problems. These ranged from credit and debit cards being declined to people being unable to check their account balance, make transactions, or transfer money between accounts. The bank quickly acknowledged it was having “a range of issues” and said its technicians were “working diligently” to fix the problems. By the end of the day Friday, everything was apparently running normally again, but it’s left many customers unhappy.

Wells Fargo has 70 million customers and it’s not clear how many were affected by the problems, but plenty were annoyed enough to take to social media. One complained that they were due to complete a wire transfer to buy a new home, and the outage struck right before they made the payment. Another asked the bank’s X (formerly Twitter) account, “How am I supposed to pay my bills when my card keeps getting declined?” A third was furious that the bank hadn’t sent any customer notifications and they’d learned about the technical issues through social media.

This isn’t the first problem to affect Wells Fargo this year. Last month several customers complained that deposits they’d made weren’t arriving in their accounts. Again the bank said “technical issues” were to blame. It’s also facing criticism for ongoing closures of physical branches, which are leaving customers more dependent on online banking — not ideal if the online banking app has “technical issues.” Now some customers have had enough and say they’re going to find a different bank, with one saying they were “sick of Wells Fargo.”

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