Major Federal Departments to Merge

Major Federal Departments to Merge
Major Federal Departments to Merge

An insider in the White House is claiming the Trump administration plans to massively restructure the government, merging the Departments of Education and Labor into a single entity. The unknown tipster told news outlets the plan isn’t yet public, but confirmed that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney has been working on it for at least a year.

Key Facts

• Neither the White House nor the Trump administration are confirming the potential plan as of right now. If it does exist, it will need to pass Congress before coming into full effect.
• It is difficult to judge the likelihood of such changes passing Congress in the first place. Past attempts to dissolve the Department of Education into other departments have been unpopular with Republicans and Democrats alike.
• However, the idea of combining the labor and education departments is not new. In fact, both started out as the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, an organization directly responsible for nearly all social programs.
• The Education Department hasn’t responded to requests for information, but did suggest taking over programs that currently fall under the Labor Department just last fall. At the time, representatives pushed to move programs for people with disabilities, people under 25, and dislocated workers to the Department of Education.
• If approved, the request to restructure will shift money from adult worker programs into Pell Grants to help people of all ages go back to school for short-term training. Some of the money will also be allocated to improving STEM programs in high schools.