Major Beauty Company Faces BOYCOTT After Releasing This Video!

Ulta Beauty Faces Boycotts After Releasing Offensive Video

Ulta Beauty Faces Boycotts After Releasing Offensive Video

( – A cosmetics and beauty chain is the latest company to prioritize wokeness above running its business. Last week, Ulta Beauty released a podcast episode featuring two biological men discussing women’s issues. Now, they’re facing furious backlash — but instead of listening to customers, they’re doubling down on their controversial message.

On October 13, Illinois-based Ulta Beauty, which owns around 1,200 stores and beauty salons across the US, released a new episode of its official podcast. It was called “The Beauty of Girlhood with Dylan Mulvaney” — but, controversially, Dylan Mulvaney is biologically male, while host David Lopez is “gender fluid.” The fact that two men were talking about the experience of being a girl apparently didn’t go down well with Ulta’s social media followers, who fired off hundreds of angry comments. One reply asked if the company would be OK with using a white man in blackface to promote its products; another called Mulvaney an “insulting caricature of womanhood,” while a third said “it’s VERY creepy for an adult male to keep calling himself a ‘girl.’”

Ulta’s response was typical for a business that’s accused of pandering to wokeness — it refused to listen. The company turned off comments on its Instagram and YouTube channels and purged its Twitter account of negative replies. It also made a statement on Twitter, insisting that “The intersectionality of gender identity is nuanced.”

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly released a video response on her SiriusXM show blasting the podcast — and she hasn’t had to hide the comments.

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