Maine Takes Aim at Trump

( – Most everyone has heard the saying “another day, another dollar,” but perhaps a new one should be coined for the 21st Century that goes “another Democrat, another Liberal partisan.” It is being argued that one such New Englander fits that bill because of a major announcement she made just a few days after Christmas.

Never-Trump on Steroids

The Secretary of State of Maine, Sheena Bellows, recently proclaimed that former President Donald Trump (who also leads the current field of hopefuls for the Republican nomination by an average of more than 51 points) will be barred from her state’s ballot for that party’s primary election. Regardless of the fact that she is neither a lawyer nor even a law degree (JD) holder, she took it upon herself to declare that Section III of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution regarding insurrections disqualified the ex-POTUS.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that Bellows would make such a decision even though the Democrats in Washington DC failed in two sham impeachments of Trump, including one based on information from the “select committee” regarding the events of January 6, 2021. After all, in her landslide loss to unseat incumbent Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) in 2014, the list of contributors to her campaign included such infamous names of radical Leftists as Soros and Eychaner.

Bellows’ announcement came on the heels of the Supreme Court of Colorado, declaring that he would not be eligible to be on their ballot in a 4-3 decision, however, their Secretary of State, Jena Griswold, has said Trump will stay on the ticket, which goes to print on January 5, 2024, pending expected appeals to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

Although Bellows claims to have impartially reviewed the evidence in a December 15 hearing, there can be little doubt that she was inclined to believe in Trump’s involvement in an insurrection. A post she put on her X (formerly Twitter) feed on February 13, 2021, declared that even if the Senate did not convict Trump, enough voted in favor of that to make it its own “indictment” of him. That is akin to saying “sure, the jury acquitted him, but did they really?

Madame Secretary Bellows is also on record as espousing alt-Left rhetoric, griping in a June 21, 2021, op-ed about “the relic of white supremacy that is the Electoral College [remaining] in place.” She also subscribes to the Progressive theory that prison inmates should be allowed to vote, even for, as fellow New Englander Senator Bernie Sanders (ostensibly I-VT) puts it, those who commit “a serious crime, sexual assault, murder.”

Apparently, though, a man who exercised his legitimate rights to challenge election results and his First Amendment right to give a speech asking his supporters for a peaceable demonstration, goes too far beyond the pale.

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