Mail-In Voting: Fraud Is Not the Only Concern

Mail-In Voting: Fraud Is Not the Only Concern

( – Mail-in voter fraud is a big concern before the 2020 election, especially considering the Democratic party wants to expand it. However, a new report from the Honest Elections Project says that fraud is only one of the many problems with people casting ballots by mail.

The report outlines a number of issues that would come with the vote-by-mail scheme.

Here are some of the biggest issues that could arise according to the Honest Elections Project:

  • Wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars
  • Changing the rules of an election four months before it takes place could lead to chaos
  • Ballots may be sent to ineligible voters
  • Vote harvesting, when a voter fills the ballot out and gives it to someone who wants to help deliver it, could become prevalent. Those “helpers” could then throw the ballots away.

Expanding mail-in-voting is too risky. At a time like this, we need to do everything within our power to protect the sanctity of our elections.

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