Mail-In Ballot Problems Growing

Mail-In Ballot Problems Growing

( – It seems like every week a new revelation comes to light about the growing problems facing mail-in voting. For months, President Trump has warned the idea has flaws and that rampant voter fraud was possible. He said the integrity of the election must be ensured so that Americans are confident in the results. In California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, hundreds of stolen or discarded ballots were recently found.

In California, thieves stole mail, including mail-in ballots, from two mailboxes. Investigators determined that the thieves were targeting mail, in general, and not necessarily ballots. However, it still brings up questions about ballot security. In a separate incident in California, a woman discovered ballots on the ground at a drive-thru ATM.

In the heavily fought over battleground state of Pennsylvania, the Department of Justice says some military ballots were accidentally discarded. In New Jersey, a letter carrier for the US Postal Service was arrested for allegedly throwing 99 mail-in ballots in the trash.

While the media and Democrats try to persuade voters that mail-in voting is safe and reliable, the number of incidents is rising as the election nears. Every vote counts, and every vote should be counted.

Let’s hope there are no more incidents in the 2020 election season.

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