Macron Says Civil War Will Happen if Islamic Veil Is Banned

Macron Says Civil War Will Happen if Islamic Veil Is Banned

( – As French voters headed to the polls to vote on whether President Emmanuel Macron deserved a second term in office, a fierce debate ensued on religion. Over the last 20 years, Europe has taken in a large number of Muslim refugees. One researcher said that within the next 40 years, France and the rest of Europe would become Muslim majorities.

On Wednesday, April 20, a televised debate between candidates President Macron and Marine Le Pen got heated. A journalist asked the candidates if either one would change the rules concerning the wearing of religious symbols in public spaces. The question forced Le Pen to get very specific after she recently proposed that headscarves covering a Muslim woman’s head and face should be banned. If caught wearing one in public, Le Pen advocated fining offenders if they broke the rule. Her response led Macron to allege the country would break out in civil war if the government enacted such a measure.

Headscarves or No Headscarves in France?

Le Pen argued that she was indeed in favor of banning headscarves. The presidential candidate said she was not attacking Islam but an ideological symbol representing Sharia Law as an affront to the French Republic.

Macron argued that if enacted, Len Pen’s ban would violate France’s constitution, drive millions of French Muslim citizens out of public spaces because of their religious beliefs, and would spark a civil war. Le Pen defended her statement and said that it wasn’t true. Instead, she was defending equality between the genders, as well as the society that opposes Islamic terrorists.

Macron Wins Election Despite the Public Supporting Len Pen’s View

In March, a poll found that 61% of French citizens backed a ban on veil wearing in public, and 39% were against it. In another study published ahead of the election on Thursday, April 21, 35% of French citizens said they agreed with totally eliminating veils. Unsurprisingly, the Great Mosque of Paris encouraged Muslim voters to cast their ballots for Macron. Imam Chems-Eddine Hafiz alleged that Le Pen was part of a hostile force calling for the banishment of Muslims in France.

The mosque wasn’t the only Muslim entity to encourage Muslims to vote for Macron. The Organization of Muslims of France urged Muslims to cast ballots despite laws that govern they must remain neutral in politics. France’s Muslim population is currently 6.7 million people — approximately 10% of the total French population.

On Monday, France 24 reported that Macron won the election with 58.8% of the vote compared to Len Pen’s 41.2%.

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