Lowlights From the DNC Debate

Lowlights From the DNC Debate

(RightWing.org) – Another round of DNC debates came and went last night, this time with a much thinner field. Instead of jumbling 20 candidates together, this latest debate featured just 6 candidates. Everyone got more speaking time, but the night still felt a little sluggish until the Sanders-Warren drama took center stage.

While Andrew Yang was notably absent with his game show gimmick of giving away $1,000 a month to everyone, the night had its moments. Here were some of the most notable highlights.

  • All of the DNC candidates were confident in their ability to be the next commander in chief. Apparently, being “good” at the role includes getting us back into the Iran Nuclear Deal.
  • Bernie flatly denied his previous statement about how he thinks that women can’t be president. He didn’t want to “spend a whole lot of time” on the issue because, apparently, it’s Trump’s AND MSM’s agenda to supposedly manufacture this drama. Warren confirmed his statement when it was her turn to talk.
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  • Everyone took turns slamming Bernie for not being able to pay for his Medicare for All plan.
  • All of the Dems on stage believe that child care should be provided by the government.

Finally, at the end of the debate, Sanders and Warren had a bit of a falling out.


While there’s no audio, it’s clear by reading their lips and body language that the two are done with each other.

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