Lower Drug Prices Are Coming Thanks to Trump

Lower Drug Prices Are Coming Thanks to Trump

(RightWing.org) – Once again, President Trump proves that he keeps his promises. In July, the president announced he intended to sign an executive order to lower prescription drug prices. On Sunday, September 14, he delivered. According to the order, the government must purchase drugs at the same prices as “favored nations” who buy medications at a much lower cost from US pharmaceutical companies.

This executive order only applies to those on Medicaid. The president wrote that big pharma would no longer be able to amass record profits at America’s expense and that drug prices will come down fast. Trump acknowledged that it’s wrong for Americans to pay more for the same drugs. It occurs because foreign governments negotiate drug prices at bargain-basement levels. That leaves US consumers to make up the difference to keep big pharma highly profitable for shareholders.

This order is only one of four the president announced in July. Stay tuned as more are shared in the coming days and weeks


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