Lottery Declared RACIST Because of This…

Lottery Accused of Systemic Racism After Big Payout

Lottery Accused of Systemic Racism After Big Payout

( – Left-wing activists have found a new source of systemic racism — the lottery. Of course, even Liberals can’t actually claim that plastic balls in a drum know what numbers to avoid because a non-white person holds the ticket, so they’ve come up with a different explanation. Obviously, the possibility the lottery might not be racist never crossed their minds.

Les Bernal, who heads the pressure group Stop Predatory Gambling, has claimed that state lotteries are fraudulent and a form of “systemic racism.” According to Bernal, low-income Americans are so unintelligent that they see lotteries as an investment that will pay their rent, medical bills or college tuition and don’t understand that they probably won’t win.

Bernal went on to claim that because low-income people spend a higher share of their income on lottery tickets than the rich and low-income communities have disproportionate numbers of non-white people, this means the lottery itself is systemically racist.

The fact stores that sell lottery tickets are mainly located in low-income areas is allegedly evidence of racism. In reality, stores sell what their customers want to buy, and the wealthy don’t buy lottery tickets. Stores sell lottery tickets and scratchcards to the poor because the poor want to buy them. Nobody’s forcing them to; they want to because the price of a lottery ticket is a short-term rental on a dream that might just come true.

Now, Bernal wants to take that dream away because he’s seeing racism where none exists.

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