Look Who’s Leaving Joe Biden’s Administration Now

Look Who's Leaving Joe Biden's Administration Now

(RightWing.org) – A top official in the Biden administration has abruptly quit, in a move that’s surprised Washington media. Domestic policy adviser Susan Rice, who has worked for the last three Democrat presidents, is stepping down. It’s unclear exactly why she’s leaving.

On April 24, Rice, the president of the White House Domestic Policy Council, suddenly announced that she would be leaving her post on May 26. Shortly afterward, President Biden released a rambling statement that praised Rice’s record but gave no clue as to why she was quitting.

Rice first worked in government under the Clinton administration; in 1993, just three years after graduating from Oxford with a PhD in international relations, she was appointed to the National Security Council. The next year she caused outrage for comments implying the Clinton administration was downplaying the Rwanda genocide to avoid harming its election chances. Rice resurfaced in the Obama administration, where despite her earlier problems, she was made US ambassador to the UN. She soon attracted more criticism, this time for allegedly ignoring Rwanda’s role in the Congo civil war. In 2012 she was accused of misleading comments over the deadly attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, but a year later, President Obama made her National Security Adviser.

When Biden was elected in 2020, Rice was quickly appointed to his transition team, and he then moved her to the Domestic Policy Council. Why has she decided to leave it? Neither Rice nor Biden is saying. However, on April 25, Breitbart reported that she was one of several White House officials who had turned a blind eye to child trafficking at the Mexican border. Did Price finally commit a blunder too egregious for even the Democrats to ignore? It’s hard to say.

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