Longest Ever Smuggling Tunnel Found On Mexican Border

Longest Ever Smuggling Tunnel Found On Mexican Border

(RightWing.org) – In another example of why we need better security on our borders, the Department of Homeland Security announced last Wednesday, Jan. 29, that last August they found an illegal tunnel running from Tijuana in Mexico to the San Diego area. The sophisticated tunnel was just over three-quarters of a mile long, lavishly equipped and probably operated by one of Mexico’s notoriously violent drug cartels.


In August 2019, Homeland Security found the longest ever smuggling tunnel under our border with Mexico. The discovery was announced last week.

  • The tunnel is 4,309 feet long and as much as 70 feet below the surface. It was well equipped to let people move through it quickly and safely. Features included a cart railway system, an elevator at the entrance, forced air ventilation and full electric lighting. Although cramped, at 2 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall, it was highly efficient for moving people — and possibly drugs.
  • It seems the original exit had become unusable for some reason; the operators had plugged it with sugar sacks and started construction of a spur nearly half a mile long.
  • The tunnel was found by a DHS team that located another one, between Mexico and Arizona, in 2018. Since 2006, a total of 15 tunnels have been found in California alone — and it seems they’re getting longer and more sophisticated.
  • So far, nobody has been arrested in connection with the latest tunnel, but the Mexico end is in an area dominated by the Sinaloa drug cartel. It’s almost certain they built it to move contraband into the US.
  • The US end of the tunnel has now been filled with concrete, making it impossible to reopen it, but criminal gangs are probably building more already. The lure of the border is just too strong for drug dealers to resist.
  • Tunnels like this are deep enough that the president’s new border wall won’t stop them, but they do show why we need more security along the border, not less.

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