List of Liberal Company Alternatives Published in New Book

List of Liberal Company Alternatives Published in New Book

( – Are you fed up with paying your hard-earned cash to corporations that bombard you with liberal propaganda? Wish you could buy your goods and services from people who think like you do? Two conservatives think you should have that opportunity, and they’ve just published a book explaining how.

On March 26, radio host Wayne Allen Root and business consultant Nicky Billou announced the publication of The Great Patriot BUY-cott Book, which lists patriotic businesses. In the introduction, Root and Billou explain in the last 10 years, left-wing extremists have pressured businesses into pushing wokeness along with the products people actually want, and weak executives have given in to the idea. Now, if you want to buy anything from a major corporation, there’s a good chance it will come with a side of identity politics, anti-white racism or the trans agenda.

Root and Billou have compiled a list of 123 companies that reject wokeness and either support conservative causes or stay out of politics and just focus on selling people the things they want. The book names non-woke alternatives to just about every left-leaning corporation going, and it includes some smaller but deserving businesses as well as familiar names. From media by Joe Rogan, Dan Bongino and Candace Owens to clothes by LL Bean, tires from BF Goodrich, chicken from Chick-Fil-A and beer from Anheuser Busch, there’s something for everyone.

To make it into the book, businesses had to pass six tests. For example, Root and Billou considered whether a company sticks to business or spends time promoting left-wing causes. They looked at businesses’ political donations, the type of marketing they put out and whether they support freedom or not. Hiring practices were considered — do they recruit the best people, or virtue signal with diversity hires?

The authors say their book will let conservatives “vote with our wallets” and urge readers to “get right to it!” It’s a great opportunity to remind weak businesses of the truth of the statement, “Go woke, go broke.”

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