LinkedIn Hack Leaves Over 500,000,000 Compromised

LinkedIn Hack Leaves Over 500,000,000 Compromised

( – LinkedIn is denying claims of a new data breach that could have exposed almost all its users’ personal details, but web privacy experts say millions of account profiles are for sale on the dark web.

On June 27, an online privacy firm alleged that networking and employment platform LinkedIn had suffered a massive data breach that could have compromised the accounts of 92% of its users – up to 700 million people. LinkedIn denied the claim, but there’s strong evidence to say it really happened.

Reports of a huge hack at LinkedIn first appeared in April, but the company said it had investigated, and the apparent leak was just data pieced together from other sites. Now advocacy group Restore Privacy says that isn’t correct – and LinkedIn is starting to change its story.

A hacker is now offering access to an illegal copy of LinkedIn’s database and has posted a sample of a million user accounts. Restore Privacy has examined the sample and confirmed that it contains accurate and up-to-date details for real LinkedIn users. There’s no evidence that the stolen data includes passwords, but it’s still a massive collection of information. LinkedIn has now confirmed to Restore Privacy that some of the data did come from its servers, but so far, the company hasn’t said what – if anything – it plans to do about it.

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