Lindsey Graham Defends Trump in Blast at AOC

There’s been a political storm recently after President Trump criticized New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the small hard-left group that surrounds her. AOC herself has been one of the loudest critics — no surprise; she’s usually the loudest. Now a Republican senator has stood up beside the president and defended his comments about the radical Dems.


President Trump said that far-left Democrats who constantly criticize the US should sort out the mess in the countries their families come from before attacking America. There was a predictable explosion of complaints at the president’s typically colorful language, but strip away the showmanship and he made some good points.

  • Now Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has publicly defended Trump’s statements. In a powerful interview on Monday’s Fox and Friends, he blasted AOC’s group of hardline socialists and their supporters.
  • Striking a supportive note, Graham said, “Mr. President, you’re gonna win, just knock it down a notch” before going on to add, “We all know AOC and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country.”
  • Graham was strongly critical of AOC’s rhetoric on border security, rebuking her for describing Border Patrol agents as concentration camp guards — a comparison that’s already caused offense to Holocaust survivors.
  • Of course, the Left doesn’t care much about offending Holocaust survivors because Jews seem to be the exception to the Left’s loud hatred of racism. As Graham said, “They’re anti-Semitic. They’re anti-America.”
  • In a further blast at AOC’s group, Graham said “Make them the face of the future of the Democrat Party, you will destroy the Democrat Party. Their policies will destroy our Country!” This is an opinion that plenty of mainstream Democrats are starting to agree with, following an internal poll that shows AOC’s extreme socialism is turning off voters in swing states.
  • President Trump seemed to welcome Graham’s support, sending a series of tweets that agreed with and expanded on what the senator had already said.
  • While AOC is the most visible face of the far left in Congress, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is at least as radical and has been criticized for a string of anti-Semitic comments.

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