Lindsey Graham Defeats Democratic Challenger With Deep Pockets

Lindsey Graham Victorious

( – While it certainly helps to have a well-funded campaign, money isn’t everything in politics. Just ask Jaime Harrison, the Democratic challenger to South Carolina’s incumbent Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Harrison managed to raise nearly $60 million in the final quarter of the campaign, making it the largest single-quarter figure raised by a US Senate candidate in history.

Considered a long-shot, Harrison’s massive fundraising ability failed to garner him enough votes to defeat Graham. For all his money, Harrison only managed to win about 44% of the vote to Graham’s 55%.

Democrats appeared to target Graham for his role in pushing through Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Graham serves as the Senate Judiciary Committee chair, and Democrats seemed to want to punish him for doing his Constitutionally-mandated duty to conduct hearings on Barrett’s nomination.

Hopefully, Graham’s victory will help Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

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