Likely US Power Grid Emergency — 11 States Affected

Likely US Power Grid Emergency --- 11 States Affected

U.S. Power Grid EMERGENCY – 11 States Urgent Warning

( – Recent power outages sparked debate over the nation’s aging power grid. A recent report shed light on a likely power grid emergency that could affect nearly a dozen states.

Electrical reliability watchdog the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) recently issued its 2022 Summer Reliability Assessment report. NERC warned that the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) is at a high risk of being unable to provide adequate energy transmission service to portions of the Midwest, West, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi over the summer.

In all, 11 states are at an “elevated risk” of experiencing electrical grid shortages if users’ power needs exceed normal levels over the summer. In addition, according to the SRA, impending drought conditions could spark shortages as hydro-powered generators experience reduced production capacity due to shrinking water reserves. Those shortages could prove particularly alarming for areas requiring electricity to power fans and air conditioners during the summer months.

There are some things Americans can do to offset the impact of power grid outages. The Department of Homeland Security recommends

  • Going to a nearby community location with power if the temperature reaches extreme levels.
  • Taking an inventory of necessary items requiring electricity and stocking up on batteries, power banks, and portable generators to meet those needs.
  • Talking to your healthcare provider ahead of time about any necessary medical devices powered by electricity and any medications requiring a constant temperature or refrigerator.
  • Stocking up on non-perishable food and water.

Have you made a plan yet to deal with a long-term electrical outage? If not, you can go to for some helpful information and tips.

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